A Brief History Of Def Leppard

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Def Leppard is a rock band that originally formed in Sheffield, England in 1977. The band still plays to this day but their most successful time as a band was during the hair metal time (early eighties to early nineties). Even though the band has had deaths, accidents, and numerous member changes Def Leppard is still one of the best known bands of all time will the 12 platinum records to prove it. The band was started by Tony Kennings on drums, Rick Savage playing bass, and Pete Willis on guitar. All three guys had gone to school together at Tapton School in their home town of Sheffield. A couple of day after they started there band a man named Joe Elliot auditioned to be the bands guitarist by playing all fourteen minutes of the full version of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd But they saw how good of a singer he was and they made Joe lead singer. The band continued to release a demo album consisting of three songs after this Tony Kennings quit the band. So the guys recruited Rick Allen to be the drummer for the band on Rick's fifteenth birthday. Rick Allen will even admit that it was his mother that contacted Rick Savage and Pete Willis for the opening in the band. Rick Savage and Pete Willis quit their jobs and Rick Allen dropped out of school to chase their dream of being successful musicians and devoted most of their time to the band and making music. There work finally paid off after the release Getcha Rocks Off got Def Leppard noticed, Def Leppard was no longer a garage band full of British punks. They became known as the leaders of new wave British metal because of their sudden popularity. Def Leppard released On Through the Night in 1980 and wasn’t generally liked by people in the UK because people believe the music was targ... ... middle of paper ... ...er his six months of practicing in private Rick got the entire band together and played When the Levee breaks by Led Zeppelin to show how he had been coming along after the accident. Joe Elliot said “That performance was one of the bands most emotional times the band had experienced.” And through all the hard shapes the band had with Rick, his accident, and his dismemberment the band never even thought of replacing him as the bands drummer. The band spent the next three years producing their most popular album Hysteria. Hysteria consisted of six singles plus a couple of B-sides (songs that weren’t as popular). The six singles where Women, Animal, Hysteria, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Love Bites, Armageddon It, and Rocket. Pour Some Sugar on Me quickly became the bands most popular and signature song. The album Hysteria quickly went platinum over twelve times.

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