The Bean Trees Analysis

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Barbara Ellen Kingsolver was born April 08, 1955 in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. Kingsolver grew up in a rural environment, she was not exposed to many things because of that. Kingsolver was a sensitive and intelligent kid but an outcast socially. She was interested in writing and reading from an early age and was a fan of the writings of Carson McCullers and Flannery O'Connor when she was young. Kingsolver's experiences in Kentucky later influenced the topics and characters she explored as an adult author. Even though Kingsolver knew she wanted to be a writer, she took only one creative writing course however she often wrote poems in the margins of her textbooks. She knew she wanted to be a writer after she graduated but didn't know how she could make a living off of it. While pregnant with her daughter, Camille, Kingsolver suffered from insomnia, a condition that actually helped her write her first novel, “The Bean Trees”, which was somewhat based on her own life. Although the author protects her name undoubtedly, she still considers getting rid of it even though she needs to carry it on because it is who she is, but also it is keeping her …show more content…

She guards her name closely, wanting to stay closely affixed with her heritage. Kingsolver uses the simile “I have guarded my name as people in other times kept their own clipped hair,” (Line 1) to describe how intensely she guards her very own name, saying if she disowns her name dreadful things could happen. Kingsolver believes her heritage and ancestors would never be a part of her once more and they could be lost forever if she were to lose connection to them through their shared name. Just how people back then assumed if one's own lipped hair was scattered about then your soul would be scattered and lost as well. Causing one to take very good and cautious care of their hair clippings as the author does with her

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