The Baha'i Faith

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As globalization quickens its conquest over unique cultures throughout the world, religious studies scholars are forecasting an array of future probabilities for the globe’s morphing religious traditions. In past decades, several thinkers predicted a rise in secularism, asserting that as scientific knowledge continues to advance, the myths of the spiritual realm will begin to fade out of developed societies (“Sacred” 1). Generations later many social scientists are finding that despite scientific advances, modern individuals continue to be as religious as their predecessors. As a result, many scholars believe that worldwide religiosity has outlived the theory of secularization (“Sacred” 2).

Though trends suggest that people continue to practice religion, the rise of global interdependent societies continues to mutually influence religious change internationally. Researchers of religious globalization patterns point to trends in the growth of inter-faith dialogue. The prevailing opinion in most traditions has long been that differing world religions assert conflicting truth-claims. Yet, as globalization ascends, religions have been increasingly exposed to other competing religious assertions. Religious philosopher John Hicks has evaluated these changes for the modern spiritual world. Juan Cole, a well- known Baha’i follower and scholar, summarizes Hick’s model for the existing three attitudes towards differing world religions:

(1) exclusivists, who see only one mode of religious thought (their own) as true and the others as false; (2) inclusivists, who maintain that their own tradition is blessed with the whole truth, but that other religions might possess some truth; and (3) pluralists, who believe that the great world fait...

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