The Automaticity of Social Life by John A. Bargh

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In the fallowing paper I will be talking about the article “The Automaticity of Social Life,” by John A. Bargh. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the word Automaticity, let me give you a brief explanation, automaticity is when you do something unconsciously or from force of habit. In the article Bargh talks about automaticity from different perspectives. He gives us a couple experiences that he did in different types of occasions.
Some social psychologists believe that automatic develops only negative outcomes, however the article proves otherwise. Many studies have been done that prove automaticity to have a good impact in someone’s life regardless if it was conscious or unconscious. People participate in automaticity consciously and even unconsciously, social perception is something we all are part of. When we first see someone we always judge them without even knowing them, known as stereotype. That’s something that comes natural to us, we do it unconsciously. Bargh studies show that when someone was introduce to rude they intended to be rude, and when someone was introduce to polite they acted polite. It’s all about what people put their minds too, whatever you put in your mind that’s what you will pursuit.
Many things you do, many choices you make, social life had an impact in it. Your family, your partner, your friends even your environment had an impact in it. Although we don’t realize how much all this things have an impact in our lives they do. Everything around us influences us; even a simple TV show can have an impact in our lives. An extremely important development in the history of psychology was the discovery of mirror neurons. Mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when a person watches an actions be...

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...discovery was mirror neurons, mirror neurons is something also found in primates. This neurons become active when someone watches something and when their doing the same action. This is important because it shows us that when people do something they also feel it. Not only when they see it happening but when they commit the same thing themselves. Many times we see people giving an attitude and thing about how rude their being and when we do it after a while we start to realize how mean we were being.
This article just proves that everything around us influences our psychological and behavioral development. It proves how our minds are connected to the social world. We can even tell ourselves when we change the group of people we hang out with; we also tend to start acting like them. Its small things that we might not notice, until we actually start looking into it.
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