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I have started to volunteer from the last week of June 2016 at the Royal Springs Rehabilitation center, in Las Vegas. This facility has 350 beds, occupied mainly by many disabled residents. The volunteering at the activity department of this center provided me with an opportunity to serve the residents as well as the employees of this facility. Volunteering helps connect with people, promotes the personal growth and efficiency, and also helps build the community (The University California, San Diego, 2015). It resembles the servant leadership style in that, both functions to serve the people for the betterment of others. It helped me understand that it is through serving, the servant leader actually leads the team. In this facility, I helped the staff to transport the residents to and from the activity room to enable them to participate in the different activities. I helped the staff to serve the food and feed the residents, conversed with the residents to socialize and relieve their stress. Through assisting the residents, I could relieve the employees from these duties and let them complete their other tasks like documentation, audits and so on. Servant Leadership Principles Implemented The main principles implemented and learned through completing this experience include listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, foresight, stewardship, building the community and nurturing the spirit (Spears, n.d.). The foresight and awareness about listening, let me spent the majority of my time with the residents during my volunteering. As listening to the concerns and pent-up emotions could help relieve the tensions of people, I listened and talked to them. The encouragement to talk and relieve the stress, helped man... ... middle of paper ... ... are valid and accepted. I would keep using persuasion to direct the employees to make desirable actions. To cultivate trust, I would assist and support the team and make myself available for them when they need. This approach helps in letting others believe that they are my priority. This belief would help inspire and motivate the people in my circle, both in the workplace and personal life and help them develop to the optimum level. The volunteering opportunity and the course on the servant leadership helped me realize that I have been practicing the servant leadership principles in my workplace and personal life. Through these experiences, I became more knowledgeable about the positive impacts of serving others and hence, I would focus on it more consciously. By helping others, I could learn the fact that it is through service a servant leader leads.

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