The Arms Trade Treaty

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Internationally, many issues reside that cause harm to a majority of the world’s citizens. Many leaders design solutions that clearly benefit their “home” countries, resulting in unfair agreements that are soon dismissed. However, a treaty that was introduced on the second of April in 2013 dismisses this bias opinion and creates a pact that can be accepted by all. The Arms Trade Treaty was designed to unite the world in its entirety, and provide safer lifestyles for all residents. The treaty focuses on the construction, transportation, trade, and end location of arms. Conclusively, this treaty aims to resolve an international issue that jeopardizes citizens in the United States, Germany, Iraq, and all divisions of the world. Traditionally, treaties target a selected group of countries based on current issues. The Arms Trade Treaty maintains focus on uniting every country for the protection of citizens. The ATT holds an objection of “regulating the international trade” (UNODA) of arms of all shapes and sizes. This includes, but does not limit it to, guns, battle tanks, training, and explosives. Additionally, this treaty requires the recording of all arms exports. In my opinion, this treaty has an ideal goal that would benefit our world’s society, if implemented correctly. The purposes of the ATT are sufficient and needed, and they must be maintained as quickly as possible. Although this treaty seems flawless, it has been constructed based on our world’s current flaws. According to Oxfam International, millions suffer from indirect and direct occurrences of illegal and damaging arms trade. Additionally, many live a life of constant danger, which could diminish with the assistance of the ATT. The main problem lies in the scattere... ... middle of paper ... ...In order to be put into effect, 50 states must ratify the ATT in their country. This may seem like a insubstantial number, but currently, only 31 countries have done this. This is surprising, as 118 countries have shown support. The unanimous support and ratification that is required of this treaty, needs to be reached soon in order to begin the amazing process of saving lives and making this world a safer place. Works Cited (2014). Malta Ratifies Arms Trade Treaty. Malta Independent. Retrieved from (2014). Why we need a global Arms Trade Treaty. Oxfam International. Retrieved from UNODA. (2014). The Arms Trade Treaty. UNODA. Retrieved from

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