The Appointment For My Abortion Procedure

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“In making the appointment for my abortion procedure, I must have known there was something fundamentally wrong with the whole thing, because I did not use my real name”(Marilyn) If you have to use a fake name then you know something is wrong with what you are doing. “I remember having to ask the attendant to please hold my hand during the abortion procedure because it was painful and I was afraid” (Marilyn). She had no idea how emotional the experience would be in the end. “I had a shameful feeling... I experienced some regret, but I decided to stuff that feeling deeply down...As time went on after the abortion I felt confused and empty.” (Marilyn) Why have an abortion if it is going to make you feel so bad? “I used alcohol to numb my pain and confusion. I never talked to anyone about my abortion because I was deeply ashamed. I experienced relationship problems” (Marilyn). Abortions have been a very controversial subject and will most likely be for the rest of time. Abortion is a very serious and real procedure. It will never go away like you may think. Abortion will stick with you for the rest of your life. “Since the legalization of abortion in nineteen seventy three, over fifty seven million unborn children have been killed, more than the entire population of Spain; that 's one hundred and forty five babies per hour and about one every twenty four seconds”(TFP). It will change the life of the women forever. So what are the agreements and disagreements of terminating a pregnancy and how are they done? “A fetus isn 't a baby.” “It 's the mother 's body she can do as she pleases.” These are all arguments for pro-choice, as people often call the legal right to abort a child. There are many reasons women will have an abortion, s... ... middle of paper ... ...cious for this surgery” (Faulty). There are many ways an abortion is done. Some ways are painful and some are not. But at the end of the abortion, when a few days pass, and the women no longer has that baby in their tummy how are they going to feel? Many people think of a child being born as an amazing and wonderful thing, but others do not see it the same way. There are one hundred and fifty five babies being killed by abortion every hour in the world.(TFP) It changes a woman 's life forever; it may be for the best or the worst. Abortions gives the woman or the couple an option if they can not take care of the child or just do not want the child. Abortion is a topic that will never be agreed upon by everyone and there will always be millions of different agreements and disagreements about abortion. But does this give a women the right to kill an innocent child.

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