Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topic in the United States at the moment. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually before the embryo or fetus is capable of independent life. Pro-life supporters believe that abortion is murder and No one should be able to decide whether who lives or dies. While pro- choice supporters believe that a woman has the choice on whether she want to give birth or not .If a woman is rape; a pro-life supporter believes that abortion is wrong with no exceptions including rape or if the mother’s life is endangered: the child’s right to life outweighs the mother’s right to her body. How can we claim to be the land of freedom, yet our government is constantly restricting abortions laws throughout the United States. Woman should have the freedom to have an abortion without the government interference.

As a Pro-choice supporter, no one should be able to hinder a woman from having an abortion or exercising her unalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of …show more content…

Trump gained a lot of supporters during the election, by identifying with conservatives and their movement .He promised to repeal the famous Supreme Court case Roe vs Wade, which protects a woman’s right to have abortion until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy without any interference by the state. If abortion rights is abolish in the United States, woman will result to dangerous measures as aborting a fetus without a trained profession. Without abortion rights, many women will die in the process of seeking help to terminate their pregnancy by unprofessional. In my opinion, if abortion rights is abolished, every individual who contribute or supported the repeal of Roe vs Wade law, will be responsible for thousands of woman losing their lives due to people seeking medicine procedure from the black

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