The Apache and The Maya

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The Maya and the Apache are two prominent native tribes of the Americas. These great tribes lived in different places; while the Maya lived in the rainforests and lowlands of Central America, the Apache lived in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The Maya and the Apache both have a rich history and cultural heritage. However, the Maya and the Apache lived in different environments and therefore had to adapt to them They had different social structures and lifestyles, had different experiences when they came into contact with the Europeans, and faced different challenges.

Living in different environments brought about different adaptations that the Maya and the Apache had to deal with. The Maya first settled in the lowlands of what is now northern Guatemala around 1000 BC. The Apache, on the other hand, largely lived in the southwest deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. One Apache band called the Plains Apache lived in what is now Oklahoma. The Apache first came to the Southwest between 1000 AD and 1400 AD. In response to the environments the Maya and the Apache were in, both tribes adapted to their environments in varied ways.

The Maya had to clear through thick tropical forests of northern Guatemala in order to have land and space to farm crops like beans, squash, avocados, and maize. The forests allowed them to hunt deer, rabbits and monkeys, for food, and provided building materials like wood, vines and mud for their houses. With the increase of trade, they began to expand out of their small villages by building large cities in Mesoamerica around 200 AD. It was in Mesoamerica, a region from the central part of Mexico south to the northern part of Central America, that the Maya civilization thrived from ...

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...vilization. Around the mid 18th century, the Apache waged war against their neighboring tribes the Navajo and the Comanche, as well as European immigrants. In the 19th century, they faced a difficult war against the United States Military, which caused the loss of many men, divided their leadership, driving them into reservations.

The Maya and the Apache are amongst the best known tribes in the Americas. Both had different environments and hence adapted differently to their environments. Each had a different class system and government. Each was differently impacted by the Europeans’ contact with them, and each faced its own harsh challenges which eventually might have had caused the downfall of the Maya civilization and which drove the Apache into reservations. However, b oth the Maya and the Apache share one thing in common - a gripping story to be told.

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