Corn To The Maya Culture

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The most important idea in Allen J. Christenson's Popol Vuh is maize or often known as corn but to the Maya culture, corn has a bigger significance than just food. Corn has played a important role in empires, civilizations and people for thousands of years. The Maya have a lot of admiration to corn as a cornerstone of their culture and spirituality. Maize was so highly admired that the Mayans had a Maize God. Corn was a gift from the Gods and cultivating it and planting it was a sacred duty it was a really important process in which corn was to be planted and harvested. Temples were built for Maize Gods and corn was used to nourish workers and kings. To the Mayans, the Gods made humankind out of maize. The Maya also considered this crop to be the vegetation of life in order to eat and grow. This symbolized the fragile nature of corn, a crop that depends entirely on human cultivation for its reproduction with such deep meaning and that has deep culture and meaning. Corn had a very deep religious significance to the Mayan people. It was believed that the gods created man from corn flour and the blood of the gods, making them literally children of the corn. The Popol Vuh makes clear the importance of maize to the Maya culture, and maize has been the staff of life for the Maya ever since. For example maize is for a fact always in a story in the Popol Vuh and how it is used as a offering to the gods whenever there is a bloodletting ritual or even portrayed as the go to food for anything spiritual because that is just how important maize is to the Maya. One of the stories to have included Maize is the story of Lady Blood and the miracle of the maize from the Popol Vuh it tells the tale of how Lady Blood went with the grandmother and... ... middle of paper ... ... into society also came with a new social responsibility to make sure that the crops would never fail. For once a society had made this unique and vital bond with the crop, with deep meaning. For a modern mind, the Mayan methodology of working with maize, and how it became to dominate life far beyond a means of food, becoming the backbone of their religion, it is truly amazing and great, the Mayans for one were not simple folk their attitude towards maize was clearly one of great spirituality. The Mayan mind believed or realized that not only had the gods given them maize, the gods would continually need to be thanked for giving them a great crop and they cultivated it and through it thanked and worshiped the gods for feeding them, and allowing them to grow and excel. In the end, the relationship between Man and maize was a contract between the gods and the earth.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the popol vuh tells the story of the power of maize and its ability to produce the first man. the maya believed that corn was a good food to eat.
  • Explains that the mayans practiced crop rotation to get more growing seasons out of the field. the maya are a great and intelligent civilization that can still use the methods to produce and grow corn.
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