The Animal Rights Movement

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The animal rights movement has generated major controversy over the years and has proven to be an ongoing battle for animal activists. In a search for non-academic texts which address the issue of animal rights, I came across the news article If Animals Have Rights, Should Robots? and a blog post Tilikum has Died, But There’s Still Much We Can Do to Save Other Orcas. These two texts discuss the same topic, but are considered two completely different genres. Most people are aware of, and are able to distinguish the differences between a news article and a blog because these assigned genres are something everyone has come across at least once in their life.
Namely, when examining the genre we refer to as a blog, it usually refers to a website or web page run by a person or a small group of people. When looking at the content of a blog, for the most part, it’s solely based on the authors opinion, usually accompanied by facts to support arguments or opinions. For instance, on the blog post Tilikum has Died, But There’s Still Much We Can Do to Save Other Orcas, Mark Hawthorne talks about the death of Tilikum, the famous Sea World orca, and speaks out about orca captivity and what we should do to halt the process. He states “Clearly, were it not for Tilikum and Blackfish [documentary …show more content…

It’s obvious throughout the text that the author genuinely cares about the issue and wants to bring awareness through his blog post. Most blog authors are paid very little to write, and they simply gain compensation from shining light on certain issue and topics. The authors intended audience is all animal lovers and animal activists because these are the people who will sympathize with the cause and will most likely heed to the author’s call to

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