The Angel of the Odd: Accepting What Is Odd

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"The Angel of the Odd - An Extravaganza" is an E. A. Poe's tale written in 1844, which seems to be more absurdly comic than deep. In this story, Poe writes about humans exposed to odd situations, and he tries to tell us that it would be ridiculous for us to be against the odd.

The writer portraits himself inside a guiltless character who believes, after reading about the freak death of a man, that all situations labeled as something odd are "a contemptible falsehood- a poor hoax- the lees of the invention of some pitiable penny-a-liner." By this sentence, the character claims that the oddest things are those which are told to be odd, and he reveals himself as a person with such a squared mind that it is impossible for him to give credibility an important space.

After saying those words, a little German creature appears in front of the character, revealing itself as "The Angel of the Odd." The Angel gives him several zips of alcohol that put him to sleep. In that state, the man acquires an incredible desire of killing himself. By that, the "Angel of the Odd" represents the image of pure revenge; a concrete form of an unexplainable feeling which seems to act against us every time we deny things we know are true, but we are just too afraid to accept them.

Edgar Allan Poe claims in his tale that we should loose our innocence, and that we must be open-minded when it comes to criticism. He says that we must accept all things that might happen, no matter how ridiculous or impossible they might be. In everyday life, such a statement makes total sense; everyday life portraits realities that are hard for us to understand, from sexual behavior to euthanasia, from people who dies for throwing up a piece of gum after saving themselves of a huge car accident, to those who died in the twin towers.

Edgar Allan Poe tries to make us understand that by denying what is odd, our own life can get us through actions, phases or extravagant journeys which are even oddest, making us feel almost as an idiotic piece of meat.
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