The Analytical Elements Of The Truth In The Truman Show

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Society isn’t always as it is perceived to be, and so we start doubting everything including our very existence. Director Peter Weir utilized the film, The Truman SHow to demonstrate the fictitious elements in our life. The characters Truman and Sylvia experience truth differently because one knows the truth and wants to share it, while the other is completely unaware of it. As Christoph pointed out,”You won’t believe what you cannot see, yet you believe so strongly in what you are told”. We aren’t always presented with the truth, sometimes reality is disguised with lies, so when you find out your trust in others shatters. People, animals, and even the weather are all being controlled by the rotten core Christoph. Everyone and thing plays…show more content…
The way everyone treats or acts towards Truman isn’t how they actually fell, they act the way they act because that is what people are suppose to act like. Ever since Truman’s father died Truman has been afraid of going out onto the water, but he didn’t actually die. So he snuck back onto the TV show and was going to tell Truman the truth when he quickly got taken off. Truman’s father didn’t sneak back on the show for Truman though, he snuck back onto the show because he was mad that they cut him out of the TV show so soon. His father isn’t the only family member to hide his feelings from him. The only reason Truman’s mother cares for him is when she on screen because moms are supposed to care for their children. She tries making it seem like she cares for him when they’re all searching for him because she says,”If only he could hear my voice, then he would come back”. The person that has the least amount of feelings for Truman would be his wife (Meryl). She has absolutely no feelings for him, the only reason she makes it seem like she cares for him is because he makes her famous. She is so upset with being famous that she is willing to have a child with Truman. The way she feels about Truman is one of the biggest lies in the entire film. The only reason all the people care for him is so that he doesn’t want to leave or run away, because if he leaves then they won’t get paid anymore. The truth about reality comes out when he finds out that no one cares for
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