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In the decade of 1840-50, the United States was able to increase its size by thirty three percent, stretching from coast to coast. These new lands were acquired through negotiations with the Native Americans and a war with Mexico. The new American territories included Oregon country, The Republic of Texas, and the Mexican provinces of New Mexico and California. The acquiring of these lands fit into the ideal of “manifest destiny”, which stated that Americans had a divine right to conquer western lands. These lands virtually put an end to the idea of manifest destiny because the West was now a part of the United States. While manifest destiny guided the United States to conquer these lands, they were difficult to gain ending in a lengthy negotiations and a war. Mexico won their Independence from Spain in 1821, and the Newly formed government granted the American Stephen Austin to help attract settlers. Austin began to sell the land to eager American Southerners for the low price of ten cents an acre. These Southerners brought with them slaves and cotton and created a plantation based economy. By the 1830’s the population of Americans in Texas had reached 35,000, while the native Tejanos had only 8,000 Mexicans living in the region. The difference in population caused the Mexican government worried about the loss of their land to outlaw the introduction of additional slaves to deter more American settlers. When American Texans were given this news they declared their Independence and create The Republic of Texas. In a series of small battles the army of the Republic of Texas was able to defeat the Mexican army and drive them from Texas. A year later the United States officially recognized the “Lone Star Republic” as an I... ... middle of paper ... ...dor for travel the United States would not take the rest of their land. In the end the Native Americans would continue to terrorize travelers and eventually the United States would confiscate the land During the decade of 1840-50 the United States was able to expand their country coast to coast. The thirty three percent increase in land stemmed from war with Mexico and lengthy negotiations with the Native Americans. Americans fought two wars with Mexico, the fight for the Independence of Texas and the Mexican American war. These conflicts would bring in the territories of California and New Mexico as well the 15th slave state of Texas. After these conflicts the Americans were able to negotiate with the Native Americans to open a corridor for travelers entering Oregon country. This period in time lead to some of the largest territorial gains in American history.

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