The American Funeral

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The American Funeral When discussing any topic, from medicines to death, history is always relevant. Funeral service dates back to 1685, which involved providing mourning merchandise to the society. Many undertakers at this time in history were also furniture builders, building the coffins for burial, as well as other household furniture. It wasn’t until the 19th century that funeral directors were utilized often. Before this time, families took care of their deceased loved ones. Around the time of the civil war embalming was introduced and shed a new light on funeral service. Listed below is a brief summary of some important events in funeral service history. 1678- First coffin burials took place. 1700- Horse drawn hearse was invented. 1768- Cabinet makers became known as undertakers. 1820- Iron caskets were constructed so graves could not be robbed. 1843- First coolers were used to store bodies 1860- Funeral service took the shape of its role in modern society. 1861- Colonel Elmer Ellsworth was embalmed, and this became the trade of funeral directors. 1865- Embalme...
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