The Amazing Country of Colombia

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In 1863 Colombia was given its name. The name was chosen in honor of Christopher Columbus, even though Columbus never visited Colombia. Alonso de Ojeda, was the first European to set foot on Colombia in 1499, Alonso de Ojeda explored Sierra Navada de Santa Marie and was very surprised by the wealth of the Indians and their stories. These stories gave birth to the legend of El Dorado. Colombia became a target to all Spaniards because of the assumed riches there. Everyone went to Colombia and a few small settlements were built. In 1525 Rodrigo de Bastidas put down the first stones of, Santa Maria, which is now the earliest surviving town. The obsession with El Dorado drove many people to go to Colombia. They found no riches or gold but because so many people went to Colombia the colonization grew. The legend of El Dorado is linked to the Muiscas and the famous Lagunada Guatavita. Some of the early citizens left artifacts such as gold and pottery but little is known about the people because they didn’t leave much else behind. Smaller groups of the Incas settled in Colombia. Spaniards confirmed through exploration that during Indian rituals gold offerings were thrown into sacred water. Colombia struggled for independence in the 1970’s after the French Revolution. Colombians fought against Spaniards to regain their independence. Simon Bolivar led the fight against Spain and defeated them at the Battle of Boyaca. Their independence was declared August 1819. Cartagena’s independence was declared May 1810. Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America. Its capital is Bogota. The official language is Spanish. There are 75 native languages but only four percent of the population speaks them. Its land area is 1,038,700square... ... middle of paper ... ...on, Columbia, 2008 by Children’s Press, imprint of Scholastic Inc. 10., March 26, 2014 High Beam Research, LLC Copyright 2005 11., Copyright Kwintessential 2013 12. , copyright 2014 Lonely Planet 13. Marion Marrison, Columbia, 2008 by Children’s Press, imprint of scholastic 14. , Copyright 2003-2014 wood ward ltda. 15. Tan Mae Lynn, Colombia, Scholastic Library Publishing Old Sherman Turnpike, Danbury, Connecticut 00816 Copyright 2004 Times Media Pte Ltd, Singapore 16. , Copyright 2011 World Attractions 17. World Reference Atlas 18. World Studies, Western Hemisphere 2005

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