The Advertisement On The Chinese Cellphone

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The images in the advertisement play an important role in promoting the Chinese cellphone. The advertisement depicts a green snake that is looking as if it is about to bite whoever is in front of it holding the phone. It is a green snake with white patterns along its back. The snake is rared back in striking position with its mouth wide open and its sharp fangs out. The snake is the same color as the leaves behind it. Using figures such as a snake draws people 's attention because most people have a natural fear of snakes. The hands around the cellphone are bigger than the cellphone itself. The hands are large and rough while having short fingernails.The right hand is typing a question in the google searchbar while the left hand holds the phone. The message at the bottom left of the advertisement is short and to the point. There does not need to be an elaborate message on the ad because the images in the ad clearly explain the message. The biggest words on the advertisement is the cellphone 's name because the creators of this ad want to emphasize their product. Clearly, the images in this advertisement play an important role in delivering the message to potential customers. Understanding the rhetorical situations of this advertisement deepens the viewers appreciation Lomax 2 of the product. The product in this ad is a chinese cellphone; therefore, the author is attempting to sell this product to the Chinese. I have never heard of this cellphone so most likely the ad is not intended for Americans. The audience is meant for customers on a different continent. The author of this ad takes a persuasive stance because he is trying to convince people that this cellphone is faster and more reliable than other cellphone makes. The co... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause of the exaggeration of the ad. They might not believe the internet of the Ephone 900 could possibly work faster than a snake; therefore, these people will not trust the company. Even though people might respond negatively to the advertisement, it is because they misunderstood the rhetorical strategy. Everyone knows that logically the cellphone cannot be faster than the snake and the ad is an exaggeration. If people focus on the logical part of the ad, then they will miss out on the message. Everyone has fears so if people focus only on their fear of the snake, then they are also missing the message of the ad. The snake is just a clever stategy that the author uses in order to emphasize the internet speed of the product. Even though some people may oopose the ad due to their misunderstanding of the rhetoric strategy, the advertisement is still clearly effective.

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