The Actions of Mathilde Losiel

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Life is a treasure box full of surprises that makes up the outgoing events of love, envy, joy, sorrow, and irony. In the short story, The Necklace, Madame Losiel is the wife of a poor clerk of the Minister of Education who thought about luxury (The Necklace). Since she caught the readers’ attention with her dowdy characteristics, she was also in the eye of the beholder (The Necklace). The narrator pictured her physical features by using imaginative adjectives such as “pretty” and “charming” (The Necklace). Madame Losiel was considered as a gorgeous young woman, but she did not understand the importance of life (The Necklace). She spent time thinking about how fortunate she wants to be, but did not spend time thinking about how important it is to be thankful for her natural blessings. Madame Losiel constantly changed from sorrow to happiness and was unsatisfied with herself internally and externally.

Madame Losiel had the mind frame of a helpless teenager. At the beginning of the story, she was unhappy with herself (The Necklace). She felt like she was meant to live in a grimy apartment, have about one or two outfits, and marry a husband who has low-income (The Necklace). There are not many people in the world that does not have the things that she has.

Marriage united Madame and Mister Losiel, and even though they were not wealthy, Madame Losiel’s unhappiness gradually affected it. She was lucky enough to even own a home and a husband who supports her (The Necklace). It is obvious that she does not accept her husband because she constantly fantasize about rich men wanting to please her at a formal party in her “imaginary” house (The Necklace). Mister Monsieur Loisel, tried very hard to please his beloved wife (The Necklace...

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...ected her husband, herself, and her friend, Madame Forestier. She should understand that wonderful things would not last forever, but how would her life be if she was not materialistic? Maybe, when her husband comes home from work she would welcome him with open arms. She would enjoy living in her home that she already has, and most importantly, she would accept herself for who she is as a wife, as a friend, and as herself; a woman with a big heart who is very lovable. She would not have to work for the necklace and if she was not comfortable with her home that she lived in, she would seek domestic employment in another family home. When it comes to her husband, she would offer him more gifts to make him happy. The only thing that is valuable in the world is life itself.

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