The Abraham Lincoln

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Over two hundred years ago a baby boy was born, his name was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 (Encyclopedia). He was born in Kentucky in a place called Hardin County (Biography). Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln were his parents (Biography). Lincoln was not the only child his parents had.
Fig. 1. Log Cabin
Lincoln had two siblings, one older sister and one younger brother; their names were Sarah and Thomas (Biography). The Lincoln family nicknamed Sarah as Sally (Biography). Unfortunately, Thomas died as a baby (Biography). Their father was a pioneer and was well liked by the community (Biography). In 1817, the family moved to Indiana because of a “land dispute” (Biography).
After the family moved they had a terrible hardship come upon them. Lincoln was nine years old when his mother died; a few months later his father married a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston. Sarah Johnston had three children of her own. Sarah was a kind person and treated the Lincoln children well. “In March, 1830, the family again migrated, this time to Macon County, Illinois” (Biography). He was twenty-two years old when he moved to Illinois with his family then set out to make a life for himself (Biography).
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Lincoln was a tall, strong man and started out by cutting wood for a living (Biography). “Strange can mean odd or quirky, and Lincoln was certainly that” (Von Drehle). While his family went on to Coles County, he went to New Salem, Illinois (Biography). After he went to New Salem he had a series of jobs that usually kept him busy (Biography). Lincoln got married on November 4, 1842 to Mary Todd, the lady that he had fallen head over heels for (Donald, 93).
The first time Lincoln proposed to Mary, she said yes, then cha...

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