The ANC and Nelson Mandela's Contributions to Ending Apartheid

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724 words

“In my country we go to prison first and then become President”. Nelson Mandela along with the ANC made what seemed impossible a reality. In this essay you will find out how the ANC was successful against Apartheid. I will also inform you about Nelson Mandela, and before and after the apartheid.

Black Africans after WWII ended in 1945 were so proud that they helped stop racism in Nazi Germany, but the the battle was only beginning for these people as work had to be done in their own country. Any coloured person was sent to live in what was called “ghettos” were the living conditions were poor. Nelson Mandela was no different.

From a young age Nelson had a vision of right , wrong and equality. This was demonstrated early when Nelson was organising protests, for example: At Fort Hare Missionary College where he was expelled for organising a strike against white colonial. In 1942 Nelson joined the African National Congress (ANC) which back then worked well with the government. Soon enough Nelson persuaded the ANC to use different tactics, like boycotting and strikes. Due to h...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how nelson mandela and the anc made what seemed impossible a reality.
  • Explains that black africans after wwii ended in 1945 helped stop racism in nazi germany, but the battle was only beginning for them as work had to be done in their own country.
  • Explains that nelson had a vision of right, wrong and equality. he was expelled from school and joined the african national congress (anc) in 1942.
  • Describes how nelson created the military side of the anc after the shapeville massacre. he arranged training for the soldiers and launched a sabotage campaign against the government.
  • Narrates how nelson refused to do what the guards ordered and organised a hunger strike for better living conditions. while nelson was imprisoned, he was offered freedom but refused.
  • Describes how nelson became deputy president of the anc after his release from prison in 1990. he helped negotiate south africa's future. after 30 years, everyone agreed on a majority constitution.
  • Opines that without nelson mandela's idea of fighting instead of working with the government, south africa could have been no different today.
  • Explains that nelson mandea's true vision and passion provided a strong base for the anc to build its membership. his strong leadership was key to this.
  • Explains that the anc took their campaign for equality to the attention of other world powers. the story of nelson mandela's survival and beliefs for fairness assisted this campaign.
  • Opines that nelson mandela had a massive impact in helping ending the apartheid. his idea of boycotting and going on strikes brought the worlds attention to south africa.
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