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The nineteenth amendment has changed the way women were treated and looked upon.There are many ways the nineteenth Amendment has changed in a bad was, but most of them have made a positive impact. Some people went along with the 19th amendment but some people didn’t think it was a good idea. Some people don’t know what or how the 19th amendment changed positively for women. But this paper is gonna show you all the ways it has positively changed the way people view and act towards women. The nineteenth amendment is the right for women to vote no matter the color or way they are. But it led to women's suffrage movement which was women trying to get the right to vote. Which was followed by many rights that they were given but it wasn’t given …show more content…

Women were not encouraged to get a job or go to school women were taught pretty much that they were just property owned by men women stayed home and cleaned while men went out and worked, went to school, also went to college. Women were not allowed to have custody of her kids or own land all of it went to the man women were not even allowed to vote Can you imagine life being told your just there to serve men and carry your kids for nine months just to get told they are not yours they are your husbands . So women decided they were done with that and put there foot down and some women created some kind of groups which are the NAWSA (National Woman Suffrage Association). The changes that happened were women have taken on responsibilities instead of staying home and watching kids and doing laundry. Also having supper done for the husbands when they get home (some still do). But now women are half of the workers in the United States. When the nineteenth amendment was passed they were finally able to vote and started to take action as a republican or a democrat. The democratic and republican opened leadership jobs for women within their area(What

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