That was Then, This is Now by S.E. Hinton

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That was Then, This is Now by S.E. Hinton

Book Report

1. Title: That was Then…This is Now

2. Author: S.E. Hinton

3. Number of pages: 158

4. Setting: That was Then…This is Now, had multiple settings but it was mainly placed in either Charlie the bartenders Bar, or in Bryon’s house in Tusla, Oklahoma. In Charlie’s Bar, there is a set of pool tables, lounge chairs and booths, and a long bar. It’s centered near an alley and has a big neon “Charlie’s Bar” outside of the building. Bryon and Mark usually go there to relax for a while, get a couple free cokes from Charlie, and hustle people into playing pool. Though Bryon and Mark are still underage to be in the bar, Charlie keeps a safe guard watching over the two, just in case one or two police come in for a drink. Bryon has a growing I.O.U fund for Charlie since he’s been getting about two cokes every time they go to the bar, but Charlie lets it slide because they two are good friends. The other main setting of the story is Bryon’s house. It is a two-story house, which resides Bryon’s mother, brother, and Mark. Mark lives there because Bryon’s mother had adopted Mark. Bryon’s house is located in the low-income area, where the ruffians live. Though there are a lot of gang-related people there, Mark and Bryon are good friends with everyone, and nothing bad usually happens in there presence.

5. Major Character: The major character of That was Then…This is Now, is Bryon. He likes to hustle people at pool, get girls, drink and smoke cigarettes, and hang out with friends. He has had his share of good and bad relationships. One of them was with a girl called Angela. In one of the chapters of That was Then…This is Now, Angela sets up a hit against one of Angela’s other ex-boyfriend’s, Ponyboy Curtis. As he is about to get hit, Bryon’s best friend, and adopted brother gets in the way to protect Curtis. He get’s hurt in the process, and Bryon get’s mad at Angela and gets revenge by shaving off her eyebrows and cutting her hair off. Bryon has respect for people, and if people mess with his crew, those people get messed with right back at them though he can mostly be careless of other people and what his actions do. The most important lesson he learns in the book is that everything and everyone changes overtime, just like his childhood best friend who he thought he knew, but as time came and went, he slowly evaporated into an entirely different person.
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