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The Texas party shift from a Democratic party to the Republican party in the 1970s to currently now is now being looked at twice. The reason is the recent influx of the liberal party supporters moving to Texas in the recent years. The Republican party has ruled over Texas for the past 40 years. Though before that the Democratic Party ruled the political system in Texas until the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. This cause too much tension within the party which cause the rise of the Republican party to control Texas. WHY THE SHIFT? The shift from the Democrats to Republicans was for the reason of the Civil Rights movement. The separation of the more conservative supporters and the liberal supporters within the democratic party…show more content…
Texans now days are very different from what they were back then. Texas is the oil capital in the world because of Houston and the gulf of Mexico. The state being a southern state makes a huge factor in the political system. The amount of people that support the Republican parties values live in the rural areas of Texas. These are the towns of small town people that are very close with their religious views and moral values of southern living. Texas is a huge gun supporting state. People here in the state of Texas are armed the teeth with firearms. Most Texans you talk to in the areas, which makes most of Texas up, believe in the hard work, respect, and protect you own mentality. People believe in protecting themselves and their families with the use of firearms. Now these people are the people you don't have to worry about because, they are law abiding citizens. The take things seriously about strictly enforcing the rules of Texas law. Though Texas is one of most hospital states, the people here are very giving and nice unless you mess with their way of life. Also Texas is very huge military state, Foot Hood is one of the biggest military base in the U.S. right now. This also combined with NASA and various agriculture aspects of Texas is what makes up the Republican party. Though in recent years things and people are beginning to change in larger populated areas of

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