Terrorist Organization: The Unpopular Terrorists

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The PFLP was originally created as a “cell” of the PLO, but they also have their own cell structure. A cell structure keeps individuals in small pockets so that most people do not have enough resources to leak helpful information to anyone that is not friendly with the group. By keeping people isolated and from knowing who other members of the group are, terrorist organizations are able to continue their measures with relative security. Furthermore, terrorists are supposed to be able to act independently, and this structure only reinforces the necessity of this trait.
However they also have another “structure,” a class structure, based on their Marxist-Leninist ideology. According to their organization, this class structure “cannot come about spontaneously” because they will then be taken advantage of by the bourgeoisie. At current, there are many members of the bourgeoisie who are not only a part of the PFLP, but who are high ranking members. They believe that this is a necessity until the proletariat decides to truly rise up and overpower them. Interestingly enough, human nature usually dictates that once you have power, you do not want to let it go. The PFLP has been waiting for the proletariat to rise up for nearly fifty years. At some point, a person must expect that even if the proletariat decided to rise up, the leaders may not give them the power that, by nature of their beliefs, they deserve. However, this structure has also played a very important role in who they will recruit, which may also be adding to their low number
Raising Funds
Even small groups need money. While they are waiting for this proletariat revolution, the Front needs to raise money to carry out terrorist acts. Unfortunately, no one has su...

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