Terrorism in America

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Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation, especially for political purposes. A terrorist is a supporter or participant in terrorism. The attack of September 11 is an example of terrorism. Currently, American troops are at war with Iraq trying to end terrorism, free Iraqi, and obtain world peace. By going to war, is America doing a good thing or is it showing signs of being terrorists and threat to other countries? In "The Oblivious Empire" by Mark Hertsgaard demonstrates how arrogance has shown through Americans and Presidents actions in American foreign policy have reflected irritation and anger in foreigners causing attacks on America. Joel Andreas also criticizes America's President's standing on war through a comic strip "The War on Terrorism" illustrating how war began after the attack of the World Trade Center. Hertsgaard and Andreas both criticized President George W. Bush extremely on his views on war. President George W. Bush "Addresses the Nation on the 19th March 2003" clearly stating his reasons for war is to help Iraq and nothing more. However, President Bush's speech shows his personality, desire for power, and war beliefs and which Hertsgaard and Andreas have accurately criticized Bush for these qualities and therefore blame Bush for foreigners' anger and hatred towards America.

Hertsgaard explained how Americans are seen as arrogant to foreigners. It seems right to criticize Bush for showing arrogance in his reason to go to war. In Bush's speech, he says that "we'll accept no outcome but victory." (Bush) He is referring to the war with Iraq, and according to him, the war will "free its people and defend the world from grave danger." (Bush) He makes the decision to go into war and he seems very confiden...

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... Americans that by going to war is the right thing, no matter what.

In the end, President George W. Bush speech has shown his arrogance and naivety in going to war. Bush has also demonstrated that his true desire in war is to show off weapons. He does not directly reveal that he wants to show military force but he just wants what is best for Iraq and the world. However, Andreas and Hertsgaard have used many examples to criticize President Bush. The facts and images have shown why many foreigners resent America. By comparing Andreas's and Hertsgaard's piece to President Bush's speech, the criticisms against Bush become very accurate and clear. Acting out of arrogance and anger is not always best, going to war to show off is definitely wrong and hurting innocent people by using of violence and intimidation with weapons can definitely be classified as terrorism.
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