Terrorism And Cyber Terrorism

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Terrorism is a vicious act that influences any criminal beyond the next victim. The plan of terrorists is to cause severe acts of violence that draws the attention of the local citizens, the government, and the world to their demise. The terrorists plan their attack to obtain the greatest power, choosing targets that represent what they hate. The effect of the terrorist act lies not in the act , but in the public’s or government’s response to the act. But the real target is the 1 million people watching the televised event. The irony of this fear can be from the threat of physical harm or mental harm, Cyber terrorism harming the technological of society and psychological terrorism made to enhance people 's behaviour. Terrorism is made to produce…show more content…
It seems their attacks are related to major grudges or seen as an concern where an whole terrorist group might be feared. Terrorist could have the potential of fitting into the American society without our whereabouts and non suspects.The second conclusion is how do the terrorists get their hands on these weapons of mass destruction in the first place. Are they persuaded by a master mind of their own or is it their own daily routine of their to just get up and say “ well time to go blow up whatever comes my way.” Their line of defense is so untrackable that the Us has to go all the way to the middle east to try and track down the terrorist groups. They are seen to be hiding in mostly holes that are not noticeable from a distance. Their visibility is unknown but their vulnerability are very high in chances of being taken down. Terror is often at its bloodiest when used by dictatorial governments against their own citizens. After the deaths of 9/11, there was one group that would stop at nothing. What did happen on 9/11 was an old story with political violence. There is no significance when it comes down to terrorism. But the debate is based on mass murder in certain debates. Terrorism has been continued for many decades to be associated primarily with the assassination of political leaders and heads of states. In the 1990s, a new face of terrorism emerged. Osama Bin Laden became the leader of an Islamic movement called Al-Qaeda. There are some common factors that can be detected behind the many changing faces of terrorism. First, it usually has a unofficial character, claiming to be the result of an uproar of public feeling. Second, terrorism is based on an naive belief that a few acts of violence will transform the political landscape in an beneficial way. Third, terrorism has become increasingly involved in attacking innocent civilians, mostly with the purpose of presenting that the state is incapable

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