Tell Em That Is Human Nature By Judith Butler Analysis

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“Tell 'Em That Is Human Nature” Why do others get to decide the titles of those different than them? Judith Butler the writer of “Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy” makes great points about ethics and the definition of many beliefs that are changed when needed. Butler points out that humans are depended on each other and are often each other’s undoing. The first step to be taken is learning how to treat each other with respect. Humans need to work on learning that if something is not endangering them they should leave it alone. Even though America may not want to deal with people who are different, it is easy to agree with Judith Butler because the definition of a human is often changeable and The LGBTQ community carries the same emotions as anyone else.
Butler expresses “I believe that whatever differences exist within the international gay and lesbian community, and there are many, we all have some notion of what it is to have lost somebody (114). This is such an important statement because Butler points out that everyone knows what it is like
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Butler writes that “The necessity of keeping our notion of the human open to a future articulation is essential to the project of international human rights discourse and politics (129).” For example, When America participated in World War II, slaves were considered human and were able to fight for a country that was not even theirs. Furthermore, when politicians need votes all of a sudden they are proud activist of the Gay Rights Movement. Also, when women are needed for votes, politicians decide they want to become pro-choice. . It is unfair for people to constantly be confused on if they are considered human or not. Who gets to decide when someone is considered human? The definition of human is always changing, which clearly means that all lives should be considered

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