Television Stereotypes

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On television today you will see stereyotypes of male and female roles in society. These stereyotyps are exemplified in many tv shows and even childrens cartoons. Some shows which stereyotype sex roles include, the flintstones, the jetsons, and almost every sitcom on television. When many American children are growing up, they are introduced to cartoons. A few of the most popular cartoons for children are stereyotyoing male and female roles. By steryotyping in cartoons, children will see the cartoon and may not understand that these are steryotyoes. I would actually presume that most children who watch cartoons do not know what a steryotype is. The main shows that cause this problem are the Flintstones and the Jetsons. In both of these cartoons we have a father working outside the house and a mother working inside the home. In the Flintstones the husband Fred Flintstone is a steryotypical married male. He is overwheight, lives with a pretty wife and works to bring home the cash. When he gets home, dinner is expected of course, and it isn't Fred whose cooking. You guesse...
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