Teens Should Play Violent Video Games

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The key aspect in this debate is whether or not teens should play violent video games or RPG 's. Some people are distracted by the thought of violence in the game. Then out of spite, think that it 's mostly all about violence and no good can come out of it. How one-sided can this be? This is an extremely limited view of life and is likely to completely unbalance, confuse and make one feel powerless & helpless in times of life-threatening or survival circumstances. I strongly believe in realism and we are living in times where terrorism has become rampant in different parts of the world and even America where we are living is no longer immune. America is also impacted on a daily basis by increasing gun-violence. Video games showing violence develops the instinct to be geared to such a possibility hitting you and also prepares one to think about the options and choices available or to be created if not available to survive. It however does not mean that one needs indulge in violence because if that were so then no self-defence program existing today will ever function. Infact programs like Karate, kung-fu etc makes you physically and mentally strong and makes you take better judgement in times of crisis. Thus I strongly believe and support teens playing violent video games as it helps improve vision, increases the ability to strategize and plan, helps in being psychologicaly better prepared psychological cases, and that they don 't cause mass shootings.

For my first reason is about vision and how people always get this wrong. There is a common phrase that most people think are true and it is that “too much screen time can make your eyesight worse.” According to the Ted talk video, “Your brain on video games” by Daphne Bave...

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...urt in 2011 about a similar issue that we are discussing.On Monday, June 27, 2011 do you Supreme Court had ruled the decision for Brown v entertainment. The decision was, rule that states cannot restrict the sale or rental of video games to minors a decision that reinforces First Amendment protection for interactive games and free expression rights of children.

Thus, to summarize teens should be able to play violent/action video games and RPG 's, that it helps your vision, your ability to strategize, help in psychological manners, and won 't turn you into a mass shooter. Logically speaking, according to the evidence I have provided you that action video games have affected your child’s future, a good effect. Like in every case, extreme of anything is wrong and hence a balance is required. With that balance in place life can be better enjoyed and be better prepared.

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