Teens Driving: Why Teens Should Be Permitted

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Not every country has the same laws. As an example, the age limit for Pennsylvanians to drive is sixteen. However, in Europe, the legal driving age is eighteen, for the government feels that the teenagers are not mature enough to handle a car. Even though in other parts in America, the lowest age is fourteen, America is considering raising the driving age in their country for the same reason. I disagree with this notion, for if a parent did not want a teenager to drive a car, they would give the command and their child would wait until they are 18. This is not the only reason why I am strong in my thesis. Good drivers should not be punished for the actions of others, accidents caused are not always caused by a teenager, and the United States hold tests to see whether or not a teenager is suitable for driving. Driving qualifications includes both your age and your maturity. One reason teens should be able to drive is because good drivers should not be penalized for the reckless driving of others. Although teens are the first name summoned upon when a reckless driver appears, it is not always a teenager speeding along the highway. Possibly, it's a businessman late for a meeting. There are mature teens out there on the road as well as immature teens. Every teen's parent worries about their children when they are handed the keys to their car. One worry is that when they arrive home, if they arrive home, they would arrive with a fine or dents upon the car. Nonetheless, a second worry is that the teen will not be arriving at the house at all, due to an accident that may have occurred. Handing a car to a teen is a test of maturity, to see whether or not they can be responsible with their parents' property. With a mixture of good and... ... middle of paper ... ...ger hangs out with. Influence is the word that can be used to describe this test of maturity. To summarize, despite the recklessness of some teenagers, teenagers are capable of operating a car in a responsible manner. With these reasons, I am strong in my position that teens should still be able to drive. , there are still dangerous drivers on the road. Some of them, teens. In fact, the leading cause of death for teenagers aging from fifteen to nineteen is car accidents. As I stated, all the same, these are not always caused by teenagers themselves. No matter how many drivers on the road that seem unsafe, there are good drivers. Parents who didn't trust their teens wouldn't allow them to drive on the road, thinking that they are being put into a harmful and dangerous situation. With the reasons I've stated, it is easy to see that teenagers should be able to drive.

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