Teens And Parents In Conflict Essay

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We develop many important and necessary connections with many people during the course of our lifetimes. These relationships we form with them, whether they be friends or family or even a stranger, communication is a vital tool we use everyday. No matter what the circumstances are there will be no stronger connection between a son/daughter and their parents. The bond between parents and their offspring is unlike no other, it shapes the structure of the family and how they interact with each other on a daily basis. A lack of communication between them may possibly cause internal problems within the family, so it is a necessity to maintain proper communication skills between the children and the parents. Allen will be discussing the communication…show more content…
She states,’’Though hormones play a role in human feelings, the real task of adolescence, and the real cause of turbulence, is the teen 's own uncertainty about who he is, alongside his eager need to establish a sense of identity.’’ This quote exemplifies the logic of the teenager and his or her reasoning for acting the way that they do. Maintaining and establishing an identity is a big part of being a teenager. This is why teens tend to follow all the current trends and fads amongst each other. It is understandable for a teen to discover and find out exactly who they are during these…show more content…
How they deal with anger, work through their issues, and how they solve difficult problems usually depends on how the parents handle those same things. If it’s with communication and openness, then the child will most likely be a well adjusted adult when they grow up. If there are unhealthy examples, such as poor communication skills between the parents, then the child will follow that example instead and will not have an easy time solving their problems later on in life. It’s extremely important to lay the foundation of healthy communication while the child is young, so they can carry that over into the teenage and adult years and have an easier time going through life. Life’s not at all easy, but if a parent can make their child’s life just a little bit easier by giving them the communication skills they need early on, then that’s an important part of having that healthy, open communication with their child, even when they’re little. Communication with parents is very important especially when you are the 18 to 25 years old. As a young adult you make a lot of mistakes and it is important to ask your parents for advice but there are just somethings that you have to keep to

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