Teenage Depression In Adolescence

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Human development is a process that lasts a lifetime and includes a series of stages. One of the human development stages is the adolescence. This stage can is defined as a period of transition from childhood into young adulthood. Adolescence begins at puberty and is accompanied by numerous transformations. For some individuals, the transition from puberty to adolescence can be difficult or confusing. Consequently, depression moods and suicidal thoughts are often encountered among adolescents.
Adolescence is one of the life phases, which includes many changes and challenges that can lead to complications. One of these complications are the depression in adolescents. Teenage depression most often is not recognized in time because it appears
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The natural transition from childhood to adolescence can also bring conflict between parents and teens who start to assert their independence. In all this change, it is not easy to differentiate between depression and mood swings of a typical teenager. Marked by attitudes of indifference and denial, depression is often confused with a specific stage of adolescence crisis. Moreover, the unique characteristics of adolescence make this period of life is particularly at risk of psychiatric disorders, suffering, and emotional turmoil. All these aspects of adolescence cause a high incidence of suicide attempts, some of which, unfortunately, fatal, without even the possibility of identifying plausible reasons. However, the adolescents’ intentions can be traced to their individual psychological factors and family context, which sometimes support predisposing and precipitating moments. Adolescence is a period when extreme changes occur on social, family, physical, and emotional plan. These changes can make adolescents susceptible to depression and suicidal behaviors. In adolescence, the maiden identity must be abandoned and replaced with a more mature one. It is important that not only adults but also adolescents, know these symptoms related to suicidal behaviors. Often, friends and peers are in the best position to notice these symptoms and save the life of a loved
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