Technology in The Classroom

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For 21st century educators, the use of technology in the classroom has no longer become an option, but a requirement. As the student bodies being taught continue to change, so do their educational needs. In order to provide the best practices of technology integration in the classroom, teachers must incorporate multiple strategies, follow new trends, and utilize the strategies that they are the most comfortable with. Even though the use new technology may be somewhat intimidating for some teachers, it can also be used as a tool to bridge the gap between generations of students.

After researching multiple educational articles on technology, most seem to stress the importance of using a variety of strategies in the classroom. Teachers who integrate technology by using the same methods and activities will eventually see student engagement. As new technology is developed, even more choices can be offered. Currently, some of the best and most widely used strategies include: presentation tools, clickers, technology- based educational games, technology-based performance assessments, computer simulations, teacher websites, blogs, streaming video, wikis, etc. (Salend, 2009, pp. 49-54) Along with engaging students, the use of these technological tools can help to provide students with skills they will need to succeed in a contemporary society. (Besnoy, 2006, p.34)

Although there is a learning curve to any new technology, there are also great benefits that it can provide. For example, using technology-based assessments and clickers not only record and give feedback on student performance quickly, they also help teachers to identify problem areas to address. Another strategy that can be very beneficial is the use of computer sim...

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...nd pick areas of comfort. As we head further into the 21st century, technology will continue to become a larger part of our lives. Fighting against the use of technology is a losing battle that will do nothing but create a gap between teachers and students. Technology doesn’t replace the importance of teachers, but is rather a tool for teachers to enhance the learning experiences of their students.

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