Technology in Farenheit 451

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In the technology driven society of Fahrenheit 451, where books are banned and everyone’s favorite pastime is the mindless task of watching T.V, it is rare for anyone to have any intellectual curiosity. However, pale skinned Clarisse is different. She has a different view on society and is a breath of fresh air to fireman Guy Montag. Clarisse acts as a window to the path of knowledge and understanding to Montag and opens his mind to the idea of books and intellectual awareness.
In the beginning of the book, a pattern is formed where Guy Montag begins to aquire intellectual curiosity. Montag’s eye-opener is Clarisse. Guy Montag was walking home when he meets Clarisse. They begin to talk when Clarisse asks “do you ever read the books you burn?” (8). Of course Montag laughed and replies “that’s against the law”(8). Guy is clearly still under the impression that books are bad just as the society wants to make him believe. He has never met anyone who has asked if he read books. After they arrive to Montag’s house, Clarisse asks Montag a question.” ‘Are you happy?’ she said. “Am I what?” he cried.” This seems to be a foreign question to Montag, for happiness was not in question when you live a dull life staring at parlor walls everyday. People living in this society do not seem to question happiness for their minds could not think deeper than what television show they were going to watch. Clarisse asking this question opens Montag’s mind and allows him to see what is wrong with the society he is living in. It allows him to become curious, thus eventually leading him to books; thanks to the influence Clarisse has on him.
Montag and Clarisse’s conversation seems to impact Montag’s life rapidly. He begins to question the unrealistic ban...

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...”(53). Stealing books, disloyalty to his boss, and law breaking are all new behaviors. The need for knowledge and wanting to know further than what is taught causes his abnormal behavior and proves to show how his lifestyle has completely changed. This pattern continues throughout the book and it all starts after his multiple conversations with Clarisse. She has such a major influence on him that it even impacts his actions.
In conclusion, Clarisse shares her view on life and introduces Montag to the wonders of books and knowledge. Just after talking to her a few times, Montag begins to imitate her personality and view the world as she does. Clarisse metaphorically acts as window between Montag’s old life and the life Clarisse introduces to him. After his discovery of books due to his renowned intellectual curiosity, he continues the path to awareness and wisdom.

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