Technology: Expanding Education

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Ever been lost, stranded, or confused and turned to a cell phone for help? Chances are that being rescued was because of your technology. Increasing the use of electronic devices in the classroom would benefit students as it also would for anyone else. If technology was encouraged more in school, students would receive better research. The amount of paper that is used in schools would decrease drastically and benefit the environment if technology was enforced in schools. Anybody in school would work more efficiently if they had the proper technology at school. Researching information from a textbook is nowhere near as beneficial as learning from any electronic device. If a student were to use a computer to study, data would be improved simply because textbooks cannot update their information as frequently as an electronic device can. Receiving information from a computer can increase intelligence because computers adapt to the person controlling it. This means that if a student is more advanced in a certain subject, they can work at their own pace in order to receive the education that is more appropriate to themselves: In traditional classrooms, students complete a lesson and move on to the next when it is time for the whole class to do so—regardless of whether they have mastered it or they are already well ahead. Here each student worked at her or his own pace, taking as much or little time as necessary to complete one lesson and then moving on to the next. (Duncan). This gives students the opportunity to work faster and better. What if someone wanted advice from an expert in a certain field of work, but that person lives on the other side of the world? Video chatting solves the dilemma of not being able to communicate with an... ... middle of paper ... ...e solution for students to find better research. Writing notes on a sheet of paper should now be considered prehistoric as we strive to reduce the amount of paper and expand education in schools. Using technology will make researching information more efficient in schools. It is crucial that we increase the use of electronic devices and technology in the classrooms. Works Cited Duncan, Arne. “Why We Need High- Speed Schools.” Scientific American 309.2 (2013): 69. MAS Ultra – School Edition. Web. 7 Apr. 2014 Mackenzie, Dana. “Turbo Encoders.” New Scientist 212.2834 (2011): 42. Mas Ultra- School Edition. Web. 7 Apr. 2014 Odden, Allan. “Schools Can Still Improve.” Educational Leadership 69.4 (2011): 14 Mas Ultra School Edition. Web. 7 Apr. 2014. Robb, David. “Studying Just Got Easier.” Sporting News 230.27 (2006): 7. MAS Ultra- School Edition. Web. 7 Apr. 2014

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