Techno Change Essay

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Within this essay a clear understanding and summarization of how contemporary and modern businesses, stating the essential knowledge needed to evolve and adapt in order to thrive (Canton, 2006). The main issues being covered will be marketing in the modern context, production in a global environment, human resources, operations, e-commerce and how a business will need to work together in order to create a more suitable world.
The business world is one that is ever growing and changing, leaders that are able to identify the future trends and correctly acknowledge how the world will have profoundly changed in the next few years. (The Institute of Leadership and Management, 2014). Either they will affect the business in a positive way or negative
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The different implication that technology has in business are ever growing, (Markus, 2004) stated that using IT in ways can trigger major organizational changes creates high-risk, potentially high-reward. This is called techno change, benefits of is that it can be used as a solution to problems business have. I believe manager that can correctly grasp the core concepts what is meant by techno change is what that will succeed in the future, because of what of the use of information systems within the business can do. A clear understanding of the Interdependence between organisations and information systems, and why they are interdependent on each other. It was (Laudon and Laudon 2015) that created the model for how information systems are linked, in the term of the objectives of the business can be reached through the use of things like software, hardware, data management and telecommunications. Because an information system is simply a set of interrelated components that collect or retrieve, process, store and distribute information to support decision making in an organisation (Laudon and Laudon…show more content…
(Edal and Albert 2009) But as the thing that links the technical elements of organizational changes to the social, political and personal aspects of the individuals and units within the organization (Edal and Albert 2009). It should be seen in the way in which organizations adopt new information technologies that lead to changes in people 's work, organizational performance and organizational processes. For managers more detailed knowledge about the challenges associated with the integration of these new technologies in required, with old equipment and its implications for developing new business/paradigm innovation. (Windahl,
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