Taking a Look at Sir William Wallace

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Sir William Wallace is believed to be one of Scotlands greatest national heroes. He led the Rising of 1297, in an attempt to reverse the loss of Scottish independence to England. He was knighted and made Guardian of Scotland. He later resigned after The Battle of Falkirk when he was defeated by English cavalry. In August, 1305 he was arrested, condemned as a traitor, and killed. Scotland views Wallace as a national hero for his role in their freedom, however the English have viewed Wallace as a traitor, murdered, and an outlaw.
Sir William Wallace was born in the 1270’s probably near Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. His father, Sir Malcolm Wallace was a small landowner in Renfrew. Sir William Wallace was Malcolm’s second son and was meant to join the priesthood. Wallace might have lived unnoticed if King Edward I had not intruded into Scottish affairs. After the death of Margaret, Maid of Norway, Scotland was left without a direct heir to the throne. Thirteen indirect heirs looked to King Edward I for advice on who should get the throne. Edward chose John Balliol, because he could easily dominate him. Balliol was harassed by King Edward from the beginning of his reign. In 1296 he could take no more and fought King Edward’s forces at Dunbar, but lost the battle. John Balliol was taken to the Tower of London, and was later exiled to Norman where he died..
After that King Edward decided it was time for the Scots to pay. He set heavy taxes on all Scottish landowners, and also expected them to sign Edward’s “Ragman’s Roll” of allegiance. Signing that would mean that, that person pledged their allegiance to King Edward I and the English, instead of Scotland. William Wallace, nor any of his immediate family members were l...

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...heros. The Wallace Monument is home to many items believed to belong to Wallace including his five foot, six inch sword.
For nearly seven hundred years, myth and legend have obscured the life Sir William Wallace, and there has been a controversy over whether he is a national hero or a traitor. The
English see him as a traitor, terrorists, murderer, outlaw, perpetrator of atrocities, or a coward. However the Scots see him as national hero, because of his role in freeing Scotland from English rule.
King Edward had William Wallace put to death in a horrible way after capturing him, but William Wallace had put together an army of common soldiers to defend Scotland from the English rule and started a movement that finally gained them their independence back. Even tho it was after Wallace’s death he still had a major role in it by leading the Rising of 1297.
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