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Systems Thinking Project PDSA Introduction of Model: The world is changing and becoming more competitive as nation states begin to access the great equalizer, the internet. This tool will create greater competition for our students to compete in the 21st century as nations begin to harness the power that the internet provides. As this playing field levels, educational institutions must find ways to help their students maintain a competitive advantage. Background Research/Information Model The Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence in Education (Baldridge, 2010) is an approach that will help enable schools to systematically improve their organization’s processes and the desired results that organization is trying to obtain. Within Baldridge, there are several methodologies that can be used to implement a systems thinking model. The Plan, Do Study, Act (PDSA) provides a framework for school districts to undertake systematic framework to validated best practices within the organization and focus on areas for improvement. The focus of our paper will address how the PDSA model can be applied to K-12 transitions within an organization. Leadership Theory The leadership theory that is best suited for a systems approach is participative in nature. When a systems approach is implemented, it is imperative that all stakeholders have an opportunity for their voice to be heard and their talents to be shared. If individuals within an organization feel a sense of ownership in the processes, they are more likely to be collaborative and more invested in the organization’s ultimate goals. In 1994, Biech noted, “everyone will need to be coached, encouraged, prodded and protected as they try new skills and behaviors” (Biec... ... middle of paper ... completing this project, we have good programs in place in our respective Districts, neither of our Districts utilize a metric to determine if our transition programs are having optimal impact on our students. In closing, we have reflected upon on our current systems and our leadership role within those systems. We have both found this project to be very beneficial as it has given us a better understanding of systems thinking. References Works Cited Baldridge criteria of performance excellence [criteria of excellence]. (2010). Retrieved July 13, 2010, from Department of Commerce website: Biech, E. (1994). TQM For Training. New York: McGraw-Hill. Meadows, D. H. (2008). Chapter 1. In Thinking in systems (p. 12). White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green publishing company.

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