Symbolism In Sam Shepard's Buried Child

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Sam Shepard’s Buried Child was first presented in 1978. This play depicts America’s disappointment and disillusionment with the American Dream and other myths that have accumulated in American cultural consciousness and the resulting breakdown of traditional family structures and values. Buried Child incorporates many Post-modern elements such as the mixing of genres, the deconstruction of a grand narrative and the use of pastiche and layering and symbolism within the realistic framework of a ‘family drama’. The use of these post-modern elements is to show the universal frustrations of the American people-a constant sense of loss that haunts the characters. Through their dialogues loaded with lamentations, one gets a clear view of …show more content…

I mean everybody is gone. You’re here, but it doesn’t seem like you’re supposed to be (pointing to Bradley) Doesn’t seem like he is supposed to be here either. I don’t know what it is. It’s the house or something familiar. Like I know my way around here. Did you get that feeling?” The madness and nothingness of the family gets the better of Shelly and she begins to doubt her own existence as well: Shelly to Halie:. “I am here! I am standing right here in front of you. I am breathing, I am speaking. I am alive. I exist. DO YOU SEE ME?” To conclude one can say that the Post Modern techniques used by Sam Shepard does not allow any enjoyment or the free play to the characters as is the case with the majority of post-modern dramas. The play brings to the forth the sordid and bleak picture of American society, family and culture, of how America at one time was full of glory and happiness symbolized by corn in full bloom in the backyard of Dodge family and how these values were trampled and made to die just like the Buried child. The need of the hour and the constant urge and desire of both the author as well as of characters is to renew the faith, culture and the American dream in this Post-modern world and outlook. The task is difficult but if not accomplished, the consequences can be

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