Symbolism In Beowulf

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English 12
In every tale, heroes fly or destroy buildings, but how many are just human? The unknown poet of describes a Swedish Geat warrior whose extraordinary strength, will and faith lead to his rise and fall as a man who fights monsters. The poet uses symbolism and irony to show that human beings battle for the greater good, if they choose to wage war on evil for fame and country.
In , the Prince of Geats the son of a mythical warrior and Princess of Geatland. His journey begins with growing into this great warrior. The tales of his amazing abilities spread throughout the lands including his swimming match with Breca in which he lost, but he killed sea monsters mid match and still finished. He is challenged later by Unferth one of Hrothgars’ men who he publicly embarrasses. is called upon by Hrothgar to help save them for the evil monster Grendel. “Grendel’s first raid turns all the successes of the triumphant line of the Scyldings into horror, pain, and humiliation.”(Clark) Grendel continues his torture of the Danes for 12 years , until Beowulf arrives and kills evil Grendel and returns for his mother and the tales are true that he is a king and Is guided by God in war as he kills the descendants of Cain. returns to his land to become king and rules uncontested for over 50 years. As he shifts into old age he is challenged one last time by the Dragon. “Then rose, still brave, still strong, And with his shield art his side and a mail shirt on his breast, strode
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calmly, confidently, toward the tower, under The rocky cliffs.”(Unknown Poet) All of men who swore they would die for him ran and no one, but his distant cousin Wiglaf stood strong and foug...

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...e of Romans were defeated the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes. Shortly after the Angles seized the islands “Angle Land” becomes England. In the eighth century, the Danes arrived. The pagans were converted to Christianity which provides the base of this epic.”Specifically defined in the poem as awreness of the source of good and of happiness, sanctity of familial bonds and the brotherhood of nations, mutuality of respect between ruler, communality, order, harmony, beauty, peace, the innocent pursuit of happiness, generosity, magnanimity and wisdom.”(Bradley)
The Unknown Poet believes Beowulf’s courage and beliefs are the sole reason for his fame, but also for his demise. The writer asserts that Beowulf, prideful and a good leader boasts of his deeds. He insists that Beowulf dies, but his presence and leadership leaves a legacy that leads the kingdom of the Geats.
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