Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage

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1002 words

One of the very few things that frustrate me to the point where I would argue about it is the provocative matter of gay rights and the people who are against them. Gay marriage should be allowed and taken sincerely as marriage itself is the key to pursuing happiness; that is what most people desire “Happiness”. “Do not get married” is what is told to most gay couples, which changes the meaning of marriage entirely, making it only based on religion and cultures where only a man and a woman are allowed the right to marry. A large number of people argue otherwise since they consider it an illegal act in terms of culture and an iniquity in terms of religion. As an institution that has become more democratic, and is considered to be a human right, marriage should be made available to couples regardless of gender as gay marriage happens all the time, because it is a bond between two people; So We might as well take our head out of the sand and recognize it due to it already existing.
A contradictory essay titled “Societal Suicide” by the authors Anne Morse and Charles Colson conveying that marriage ought to be realized as an old – fashioned and traditional way were people come together in holy matrimony when they said “traditional building block of human society.” Their essay continues to explicate the weary and unfair assumptions of marriage by concluding that there should only be the existence of man and woman relationships. The authors, due to gay couples overloaded with longing to marry one another, have also questioned marriage extinction. A question often asked is “How is it the end of marriage if same-sex couples marry?” Allowing gays to get married indorses marriage as well as supports the rights to care for every person. An...

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...uction created through inhumane mistakes and violating the rights of whole literary genre of people out of pure ignorance and fearfulness . Dean Martin Luther Riley B King, Jr . Once said, “Unjustness anywhere is a scourge to justice everywhere.” Though we have come a long way in correcting our wrong-doings of our violent chronicle, we still have many milepost to interbreeding before we could ever call ourselves the “demesne of the free people .” Allowing gay marriage would be a positive whole step in the right centering by supporting our citizen’s rights and by helping them to pursue to lives of exemption we have all been promised, all the while strengthening our economy and the togetherness of our country. Unjustness towards gays is injustice towards human beings. We need to learn to come together through our similarity and check exploiting each other’s dispute.

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that gay marriage should be allowed and taken sincerely as marriage itself is the key to pursuing happiness.
  • Analyzes a contradictory essay titled "societal suicide" by anne morse and charles colson stating that marriage should be realized as an old-fashioned and traditional way where people come together in holy matrimony.
  • Opines that it is legal for couples of the same sex to raise a child that is not of matrimony, but it's illagitament to have gay couples marry in wedlock.
  • Concludes that colson and morse's decision to consider man and wife as a building block of gild and means of facts of life should be considered offensive, not only towards homosexuals, but the entire human race.
  • Argues that marriage does not concern whether someone is heterosexual or a homosexual as it is meant to make people happy and not deny them the right of marriage.
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