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The salesman's job often requires to produce innovative solutions to non routine problems every day sales team have to face the different and challenging customer as there were many other brands for the same medicine therefore, sales person have to try utmost to convince to prefer the brand for medicine and accomplish sales target. Every sales jobs of course, demand more innovativeness than others sales person should be very clear about his product its efficiency and effectiveness must have know how Though the demand for innovativeness is inherent in the job, the impact of that demand on the salesman's well-being and performance is influenced by company policies and management actions.

Evan’s (1974) one of the elements of supervisory style is the rate of communication between the sales manager and his salesmen. No matter whatever is the medium of communication among supervisor and sales force, telephone conversations, or written letters and memoranda, the more probable the salesman is to understand and implement and appreciate his supervisor's demands and his company's policies particularly those relating to his evaluation, compensation and endorsement. Empirical findings from several previous studies support the connection between performance feedback provided by supervisors and salespeople's role clarity second type of supervisory control focuses not on sales output, but rather on salespeople's reactions. The more frequent the communication between the salesman and his superiors, the more likely it is that he will feel that he has an input into policy decisions affecting his position in the company. One variable that reflects how the firm's authority structure is total number of departments that can modify the terms of a sa...

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...much value in close supervision and it does not lead to greater subordinate satisfaction (Harris, 1967). Thus, the theory suggests that the more a subordinate values a supervisory behavior, the more employees responsive to it, and consequently the stronger is the relationship between the behavior and subordinate satisfaction argue that experienced salespeople were fewer likely to have feelings of ambiguity and therefore, were less likely to need close supervision. In contrast, less experienced salespeople were more possible to have feelings of ambiguity and to value initiation of structure to a greater level. Robert’s (1978) Less experienced salespeople therefore, would be more active and alert to the supervisory behavior so the author expect initiation of structure to have a greater outcome on the role clarity and job satisfaction of less experienced salespeople.
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