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The main characters of this story are Superman, Supergirl, and her worst enemy, Bizarrogirl. The story takes place in a city called Midvale. When Supergirl is forced to come to earth from the planet Krypton because it was about to blow up into tiny pieces, she wants to blend in with all of the humans. She decided to become an orphan at the Midvale Orphanage until someone adopts her. Eventually she gets adopted and lives with her new parents, Fred and Edna Danvers. Supergirl can’t totally control her powers yet, but often practices with her cousin. The main problem is that a villain named Baby Buster created a doppelganger of Supergirl with the duplicating machine. He named her Bizarrogirl. She wants to kill Supergirl and take over the town, but Supergirl doesn’t allow her to.
One hot, summer day, Supergirl was practicing her powers on a rooftop with her cousin, Superman. Everything was going great until Supergirl heard a citizen scream downtown. She looked down there and saw something she would never forget. She saw her worst enemy, Bizarrogirl. When Superman left to get some snacks, Supergirl started to chase after Bizarrogirl. She swerved and she swooped until finally she grabbed Bizarrogirl by her long hair. Bizarrogirl screamed and was starting to get absolutely furious. Supergirl forcefully let go, for she knew she was no match for the mighty Bizarrogirl. Supergirl yelled for her cousin to help her in this fight. She continued to yell but Superman couldn’t hear her. Suddenly, Supergirl felt an enormous jerk and then all of the sudden was getting pulled down to the ground by Bizarrogirl. Supergirl screeched and struggled to get out of Bizarrogirl’s strong grip. Finally Superman came back and noticed Supergirl left the roof...

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...was done for. Superman told all the citizens to take shelter as fast as they could. When all the citizens left, Bizarrogirl didn’t even try to run away. She knew it was no use because she was already in bad shape. Superman took the kryptonite and all of the sudden stopped. He felt bad for Bizarrogirl. He saw her pain and didn’t want her to die. He thought about what to do over and over again but still had the same thought running through his head.
Superman thought, “She can’t die yet. She has all her life to live.” After about an hour, Superman decided to take back the kryptonite to the special superhero store and teach Bizarrogirl how to be a hero and not a villain. Following two years, Bizarrogirl learned to be good and decided to change her name to Superlady and be Supergirl’s sidekick. Everything went back to normal and “the gang” went back to fighting crime.

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