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Brother Juniper, a young missionary in eighteenth century Peru, is the main narrator in Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Juniper was responsible for the conversion of the immense Native American populations of South America into Christianity. While enjoying this success, he made his way to the Bridge of San Luis Rey in order to finish his missionary trip. As he walked toward the bridge, it collapsed. He witnessed five individuals fall to their death. Being a strong believer in divine intervention, he sought explanations in why these five victims suffered the ultimate punishment. He asked questions about each victim’s lives to all of their relatives and eventually formulated conclusions for each and every tragic death.…show more content…
Even though Pepita was much more understanding and polite to her caretaker, the Marquesa did not give Pepita quality time. The only happiness the Marquesa could find satisfying was the love and kindness from her beloved daughter, Doña Clara. Eventually, the Marquesa learned of her biological daughter’s pregnancy. She subsequently went into a mode of superstition and “became a mine of medical knowledge and suggestion” (p. 31). For instance, she “refused to allow a knot in the house” and “the stairs even steps were marked with red chalk and a maid who accidentally stepped upon an even step was driven from the house with tears and screams.” (p. 31). The Marquesa even made a pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa María de Cluxambuqua, where “The ground had been holy through three religions” (p. 32). As Pepita and the Marquesa crossed the Bridge of San Luis Rey for their pilgrimage to Cluxambuqua, Marquesa’s focal point was her love for her daughter. The Marquesa made her way to the shrine as she left Pepita alone for their stay at the inn. Meanwhile, as Pepita was alone, she began to write a loving letter to her former and loyal

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