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The short story “The Boat’ by Alistair Macleod, takes place in the roughly around the 1940’s in Cape Breton. It is about the harsh reality of the lives fisherman in Nova Scotia lead. The narrator is faced with numerous tasks. His decision that he has chosen not to live by the ocean and to pursue the life of a fisherman was the right decision for him in the beginning. The narrator is constantly trying to decide if he has chosen in the right career and life style for himself. He contrasts his past life, with his present life, to try to come to terms with himself. Although it was the right choice for him at first, it can easily be seen why it does not turn out to be the best choice in the future years. There are many reasons why he didn't …show more content…

Also often when someone is responsible enough to do something, they have to give up something they wanted for themselves. For instance it is possible that the father killed himself so that the son’s promise to “fish with him for as long as he lived” wouldn't be true anymore; perhaps the father sacrificed his life so that the son could go to university rather than stay with him. The father wanted to give the son a better chance, and a better life than he father had himself. For the theme tradition, and example of this could be that the family has been fishing in the village for many generations, and the mother really wants to keep this tradition going for many more years to come; also all the boats are named traditionally after a woman in the …show more content…

He spends all day, and all of his time on the boat, or in his bedroom hiding from reality. He ignores his wide, and any conflict that he has with the daughters, any man who was selfish would show these characteristics. After this, you can see the father begin to change, he starts to spend time with the daughters and care for them. You can see that the father has transformed dramatically when he starts to realize that he needs his son, a type of thing that he has never needed. In the end, the father and son have worked many years fishing together, and the son finally connects all of the decisions his father has made, and the actions. It is completely understandable why he made the decision he did, and every feeling that he had. He always had a dream to become something more and bigger than just a fisherman, but because he was the only son the father had he felt obligated to work and do what his father requested, and follow in his foot steps. He lived his life just for obligation, instead of pursuing his dreams, and his happiness. When all the dots get connected between the father and the son, the father is now an honourable caring character, compared to the selfish one you see in the beginning of the

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