Summary Of My Brother Sam Is Dead

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My Brother Sam is dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier was first published in 1974. This story occurs during the Revolutionary War. The story is told in first person by Timothy Meeker. Timothy is Sam’s younger brother. There are four main characters in My Brother Sam is Dead. They are Mom, who is depressed because of the war. Dad, who died on a prison ship after being captured by cowboys. Tim is the main character and is very worried about his brother, Sam. Sam, who is an American in the Revolutionary War. Dad is very formal and worried about Sam. He works Tim to death while his mom gives Tim an occasional chore here and there. Sam loves Tim, and wants to come home but is worried because his parents kicked him out. He doesn’t know he can come home at any time, his parents are concerned about his well being. …show more content…

Sam bursts through the door and just stands there. Their father is more worried about the rain coming in and getting everything wet than he is about getting Sam inside where it’s dry. Tim and Sam’s father was captured by cowboys while he and Tim were traveling to the city. They were unsure why he was kidnapped, but months later learned he died on a prison ship. Later in the story, Sam has been wrongly accused of stealing cattle. In reality, he chased the cattle thieves who captured him who then caught Sam presented him as the thief. He is sentenced to be executed by gunshot. Tim devises a plan to break Sam out of prison. His mother even approved of the plan because she had accepted the fact that they were all going to die anyway by the end of the war. Sam approaches the prison guard while he is sleeping. He considered killing him, but decided it was too difficult to take a life. As he was trying to free Sam, the guard wakes up and shoots Tim. He runs away, gets home, cleans his wound and goes to bed. Tim

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