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The book I read was Just How Stupid Are We? By: Rick Shenkman. And this book is about how ignorant our American voters have become and how it has affected our political system and how it weakens the American people’s voice and our democratic government today. The book opens up talking about the up and coming election of the time of the book and how the American voter believes whole heartily that there is something extremely wrong with our American political system. And of course the Democrats believe it’s the Republicans to mostly blame. And on the other side the Republicans say it’s the policies of the democrats at fault of this American political pitfall. But they can all agree and believe on the fact that the American people …show more content…

Because we are the ones who elect the people in the offices of the government that make these policies, which we the people who in the first place elected them to make these policies, complain about them. But it’s most likely and sad that the average American person doesn’t understand this concept. And Rick Shenkman explains that the people are not paying attention to our American politics and as time goes on people are listening watching and even acknowledging less and less and he says that they should be paying more attention more and more. Saying that technologies like television has somewhat and have dumbed down the American people’s intelligence in politics and dumbed it down to the basest level of our American politics. When we should become smarter because the politics and this system is becoming more …show more content…

And I also learn that the older to get the more conservative you are making the voting processes almost useless because it’s much sided towards the conservative beliefs. Also learned that the younger people are a lot less likely to watch or read the news and keep up with today’s problems and information so the younger people are basically voting blindly in the elections. And when this Politian that is in office that makes a policy that is failing or plainly just dumb these voters or non-voters that went into this vote blind or just simply did not vote, go on and go on, on how the government is ruining our American politics. So this book and what it says is really relevant in todays and even many years ago and to come

In this essay, the author

  • Explains rick shenkman's book, just how stupid are we?, about how ignorant american voters have become and how it has affected our political system.
  • Analyzes how the book opens up talking about the up and coming election and the american voter believes that there is something extremely wrong with our american political system.
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