Analysis Of Keeping The Dream Alive By John Meacham

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1. The article Keeping The Dream Alive by John Meacham is addressed to people who feel the American dream has died. The author compares historical events and today’s issues to encourage the reader that a simple call to action can revive the dream. Towards the end of the passage he quotes John Adams’ proclamation, “’If the American dream is to come true and to abide with us… it will, at the bottom, depend on the people themselves.” Assuming the reader is waiting on the government to provide a solution, Meacham presents ideas that encourage the readers to make the change themselves. The arrangement of historical feats and beliefs persuade the readers that the future of the American dream is in their hands. 3. Historically the American dream has developed from people’s campaign to carry on through rough periods. The dream offers equal a opportunities for prosperity. The phrase, American dream, was first introduced by James Adams who wrote…show more content…
In the article Meacham alludes that success is not guaranteed it is a perk you must work for. Throughout the passage Meacham provides historical evidence of the hard work to create Americas equality. While calling the reader to action he states, “Equality of outcome, though, is not the same thing as equality of opportunity, and equality of opportunity is at the heart of the American vision.” Meacham alludes that the American dream cannot guarantee you success but those who work hard will have the opportunity to advance. 11. Meacham discusses the upcoming elections to show the reader the power is in their own hands. Throughout the article he explains the President’s intentions in their election. He concludes the presidential talk stating, ”… both men will talk about the American Dream, but no single politician can restore the faith of our fathers and mothers. That 's up to all of us.” The President elected cannot restore America himself; the people must also place themselves in the best circumstance for
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