Suicide: The Most Dangerous Problem In The World

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Each year too many peoples suicide in the world. Suicide is the most dangerous problem in the world. There are too many reasons for suicide. Sometimes people kill, or attempt to kill, overdosing on drugs to shooting or hanging themselves. Biological, psychological, and social forces can all play a role. Death is most important reasons of the world, suicide is considered an important cause of public health. Governments and other organizations are still searching for effective methods to prevent suicide. At the same time, some people acceptable or appropriate action to get suicide whoever suffering from painful and incurable diseases.
Suicide is happened all over the world, in some Eastern European nations, South African countries are very low rates
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Most of them experience feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Many show lifelong patterns of self-destructive behavior, such as alcohol abuse. All suicides had symptoms of either depression or alcoholism. Individuals are more likely to kill themselves if they are isolated from other people. This can occur if they are unemployed, live alone, or have few friends’ rates as well. Throughout history, cultures have had a variety of attitudes toward suicide. Some ancient Greek philosophers condemned the practice, but others considered it acceptable in cases of shame, extreme distress, or poverty. Many Jewish and Christian thinkers have described suicide as a sin. However, in Japan suicide was once considered a way for an individual to erase personal shame, and in India many widows threw themselves on a fire when their husbands died. Many psychologists described suicide as a result of mental illness, while one early sociologist considered it a product of social forces. According to these new scientific views, people committed suicide because of conditions beyond their control. Therefore, they could not be held morally responsible for the