Emile Durkheim Suicide Theory Essay

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Emile Durkheim, is the founder of sociology who conceived many theories, in the concept of suicide and its relationship with society. Durkheim’s book “Suicide” makes a distinction between suicide and suicide rate in relation with society. Durkheim conducted his research in a longitudinal study from various countries. He studied the suicide number and compared the mortality rate of different regions. His case study of suicide, explored the differences of suicide rates between social, economic and religious groups. He found people felt intertwine of social surrounding of social factors that produce suicide and, different social classes emerged from the discovery. Durkheim research emerged different typology in theories of suicide. Altruistic …show more content…

Theories of suicide have contributed to understand the stress of social issues than on biological factors like psychological for the cause of suicide. He found suicide is the results of social disorganization and the lack of social integration. Durkheim found and theories different types of suicide. Anomic suicide, enforces society standards that causes a person to feel lost or alone. With a lack of social directions and restrains social ethics contributes to the isolations felt. Egoistic suicide is the consequences of social bonds and linked to anomic disappointment. Egoistic suicide, a person feels detached from society by roles, family dynamics and relationships. Egoistic see no goal to accomplish therefore, feels useless and without purpose. The isolation felt because a person does not belong to a group for support and therefore, commit suicide. Egoistic and altruistic suicide, is the consequences of integration within the society Altruist, commits beyond the World and the obstacles and burden. Fatalistic suicide block and passion oppressive and makes, a person feel like an indentured servant. The customs and traditions of society is instrumental in death and the mode of suicidal act. Each theories work to clarify the social context when the problems occurred. Durkheim, believed there is a relationship between society and the contribution to the spread of suicide. The low value placed on human life and lifestyles contributes to the spread of suicide among different societies. People who are unable to achieve economic growth and security, decide to end their issues with suicide. Economic constraints contributed to inequalities, decrease in economic stability and hopelessness among people spread of suicide. A sense of detachment from society due to thoughts and actions leads to high suicide

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